Vision and Values

In the decade of its operation, Ejadah has evolved from a provider of Facilities Management services into a Total Community Solutions business. This is not the finishing line nor our final goal, but a clear demonstration of our capability of growing with an ever changing market whilst focusing on our fundamentals of quality and excellence.

Since inception our leaders have provided Ejadah with a clear strategic direction, corporate governance and sustainability. We have constantly focused on leveraging the knowledge and experience of our workforce to run our business and always strive to establish a solid organisational culture to support a robust business strategy.

Ejadah’s 145 Philosophy and culture has been established to address market needs as our business grows in scale, scope and complexity. 145 is a simply laid-out expression of our commitment towards achieving our vision by enhancing our stakeholder relationships and nurturing our values. This 145 philosophy builds Ejadah’s unique culture of how we think, decide and act.

Ejadah employees understand the role they play as an individuals and within teams, in the transformation of our organisation and achieving our business goals. They are constantly guided into translating our vision to reality.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a world-class Community Services Provider

Our Mission

We will create success for our customers, people, partners and shareholders through our energy, commitment and dedication to superior service, career development, long term relationships and business results

Our Guiding Principles

Make our customers smile: To ensure that our customers experience minimal disruption to their lifestyle environment. Win the loyalty of our customers and thereby help us serve them through service excellence, product innovation and value for money.

Ensure well-being of our people To ensure appropriate health, safety and environment standards at workplace for our people. To establish employee satisfaction and delight through career development, competitive compensation and an environment for participation and creativity

Ensure our partners are an integral part of what we do: To ensure our partners are commercially and financially compensated and grow with us. Our managed employees are our people. We enable them to deliver services as per our standards

Deliver sustainable growth to our shareholders: To focus on sustainable growth for our business; business development, regional expansion, product improvements. To enhance the net worth of our shareholders by focusing on corporate health, profitability and cash flows

Our Values

Winning: We are relentless for success. We always play to win. We never give up until the prize is in our hands

Modesty: We do not discriminate. We treat everyone equally and with respect. We provide praise when it is due and open and honest criticism when it’s required

Ownership: We don’t hide from responsibility. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s painful, but we don’t let go until the job’s done

Communication: Communication binds us together, motivates us and gives us direction. It’s the lifeblood of success

Team Work: We understand the power of teams. We work together to achieve our goals. And we celebrate our successes as one